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Earning your Positive Psychotherapist Certificate grants you exclusive membership in prestigious organizations like the World Association for Positive Psychotherapy and the European Association for Psychotherapy. Additionally, this achievement can lead to registration with respected bodies such as the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy in the UK.

Positive & Transcultural Psychotherapy 

Welcome to the transformative world of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy!

Become a European Certified Positive Psychotherapist

The Master Course is structured into 2 parts: 

Master Course Part I:

Entry requirements

  • Completed Basic Foundation training in Positive Psychotherapy (200 hours) and WAPP certification as Basic Consultant of Positive Psychotherapy

  • Associate WAPP membership

  • One of the following criteria must be fulfilled by the participant:

  • 1)  Bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields: 

  • Psychology

  • Pedagogics (undergrad degree)

  • Social work

  • 2)  Degree in Medicine (exclusive dentistry or pharmacy)

  • 3)  Master’s degree in psychology

  • 4) Bachelor's or Master ́s degree in the socio-humanistic field - with 400 hours of education in psychology and/or psychiatry. (These 400 hours are acquired either within the BA/MA study or in a psychological postgraduate (retraining) course by a university or an accredited postgraduate training institute in the country).

Duration (664 hours; 18 modules)

  • 390 hours of theory (13 modules)

  • 150 hours of Group therapy (5 modules)

  • 60 hours of Individual therapy – outsourced

  • 54 hours of Peer Supervision (3 h x 18 modules)

  • 10 hours of Preparation for the exam

Title and Qualification

  • Candidate Positive Psychotherapist

  • The training will deepen the participants' knowledge of Positive Psychotherapy and other methods and teach them to use it in professional counselling and therapy situations.

​Master Course Part II:

Entry requirements

  • Completion of or participation in Master Course Training Part 1 (550 hours).

  • Before starting the practical parts defined as Master Course Part 2, participants need to have attended at least one year of theoretical training in Master Course Part 1.

Duration (650 hours; minimum training period is one year)

  • 500 hours of practice with clients (in private practice, hospitals, NGOs, etc.)

  • 150 hours of supervision (group and individual) 

Title and Qualification

  • European Certified Positive Psychotherapist 

  • The training will enable and train the participant to work with patients and clients in therapy situations and to apply the tools of PPT.


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