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Course Content & Assessment

Course Content

Module  1: Psychodynamic Process in PPT

Module  2: Psychodynamic Setting and Relationship in PPT

Module  3: Self-Discovery

Module  4: Resource Oriented Therapy

Module  5: The First Interview in PPT

Module  6: Therapy and Intervention Planning in PPT

Module  7:  Mental Disorders (Part I)

Module  8:  Self-Discovery

Module  9:  Mental Disorders (Part II)

Module 10: Specific Interventions in PPT

Module 11: Trauma Therapy

Module 12: Psychosexual Therapy

Module 13: Self-Discovery

Module 14: Salutogenesis, Psychosomatics, Stress-Related Disorders

Module 15: Interpersonal Conflicts. Family and Couple Therapy

Module 16: Self-Discovery

Module 17: Group Therapy

Module 18: Self-Discovery

Positive Psychotherapy
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Examination for MC Part I


Essay about the training's impact on self-development. Participants will be required to describe their personal experience during the training in Positive Psychotherapy, incorporating self-reflection based on the study of the recommended literature.  (5 pages).

Oral colloquium based on:

  • essay on self-development

  •  theoretical question: each participant has 2 questions to answer, one from PPT and one from psychiatry.


  • case review and formulation

Examination for MC Part II

5 cases formulation – 2 of them long-term therapy (more than 40-100 hours of therapy) and 3 cases with medium/short-term intervention (20-40 sessions).

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