Founding Members


Adela Moldovan

Psychotherapist, Psychologist & Executive Coach

My clinical experience encompasses many years working in a mental health setting and private practice dealing with a broad range of symptoms including, but not limited to, chronic trauma, loss or abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, marital difficulties, child-parent conflicts, self-harm, bipolar disorder, addiction and border-line states – to name just some of the presenting issues.

Psychotherapy isn’t always about words because at times it can be difficult to talk. My practice incorporates the use of creative methods to aid the expression of feelings and imagery.

A favourable and safe therapeutic relationship is a restorative and reparative experience. It carries within secrets, confessions, revelations, discovery of unknown resources and great positive change.

I offer trainings and therapy sessions in English, Italian and Romanian

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Raluca Ursica

Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor

The knowledge and experience gained from working in the NHS, voluntary organisations and private practice provides me with the right set of skills to deal with a wide variety of issues. Whether you are struggling with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief or abuse I can offer you the support you need. I will provide a space where you can feel heard, understood, secure, safe and welcomed.

I believe in empowering you to discover the skills to achieve a sense of inner balance by relying on all the resources you possess through body, spirit, mind, and emotion. My approach incorporates various forms of psychotherapy to aid you in becoming your own therapist for your particular circumstances, experiences, and environment. 

I offer workshops and therapy sessions in English and Romanian