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Entry Requirements

In a world where mental health awareness is gaining momentum, the role of counsellors has become increasingly vital. This course is designed to provide you with a solid grounding in the principles and practices of counselling, whether you're pursuing a career in counselling or simply seeking to enhance your interpersonal skills.

Positive Counselling Level 4 Diploma

  • L3 counselling certificate = 120 hours

  • Minimum A LEVEL or GCSC with relevant work experience

  • Provide references (x2)

  • Identify reasons for training beyond just personal development

  • Be academically and emotionally able to cope with this level of training

  • Possess the ability to work with difference and diversity

  • Possess personal qualities of imagination, intuition, openness, self-awareness, insight, honesty and ability to benefit from self-development

  • Have the ability to form a therapeutic relationship

  • Possess emotional stability

  • Have the ability to challenge and be challenged

  • Have the ability to respond sensitively and empathically to others

  • Appropriate level of maturity i.e., the ability to respond sensitively and flexibly to a wide range of people, feelings, and ideas

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