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London Centre for
Positive Psychotherapy

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About Us

Here at London Centre for Positive Psychotherapy, we are driven by a single goal, to offer accessible and personalised Positive Psychotherapy trainings and workshops for the general public and to those of varying levels of expertise within the mental health and social care sectors.

Positive Psychotherapy (PPT) is TransculturalHumanistic and Psychodynamic, resource-oriented and conflict-centred psychotherapeutic method for individuals, couples, and families. It was developed by Nossrat Peseschkian in the '70s in Germany and today there are more than twenty trainings centres world-wide. 


Through the use of stories, metaphors, role-play and various other creative techniques the patient is encouraged to play an active role in his own healing process. Positive Psychotherapy believes that every human being is an entity of body, mind, emotions and spirit, and the aim of the therapeutic process is to help the client discover and develop resources and find balance in his daily-life. 

In Positive Psychotherapy, focusing on the Transcultural is essential. The changes in our environment, urbanisation, population growth, etc. have made possible that national, ethnic and cultural groups have opened up to the world (i.e. to other groups). This has brought with itself a new set of possibilities and a new set of transcultural challenges. (Prof. N Peseschkian, 1980). A person’s context (environmental, social cultural, political, religious and linguistic) is an important part of the development of their identity, and to understand that identity one needs to understand the context. 

“If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.”

Thomas Jefferson

London Centre for
Positive Psychotherapy

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